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Boeckermann Grafstrom & Mayer has teamed with Cornerstone Private Asset Trust Company, LLC, to offer retirement services that meet the needs of businesses owners, as well as, their employees. Cornerstone is a boutique trust company that helps businesses and individuals implement estate planning goals and transition wealth from one generation to the next. It provides services above and beyond those of a traditional trust company by focusing on the individual nature of each client and their long-term goals.

Cornerstone’s approach has led to significant cost savings for clients while helping to increase return on participant contributions. Our professionals work closely with clients to ensure that when you grow and change, your retirement plan adjusts to keep pace. We provide clients with the information you need in an easily understandable format, and we help you select the plan that is most effective for you.

Cornerstone takes pride in its high level of client service, including:

  • Annual meeting with plan participants to provide updates on plan performance, investment options, and retirement planning education
  • Annual plan review with cost and investment option reassessment
  • Assist counsel in preparing potential questions for interrogatories, depositions and testimony
  • Development and annual review of Investment Policy Statement
  • Ongoing monitoring of plan investments

Cornerstone offers a complimentary consultation to businesses that have questions about their current plan. Contact Chad M. Halbur, President and Shareholder at (866) 200-6528 and chalbur@cornerstonetrust.net or visit http://www.cornerstonetrust.net/.

Contact us to request additional information about our firm or to learn more about our services and specialty practice areas.