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Boeckermann Grafstrom & Mayer assists business owners in the complexities of buying and selling companies. With deep experience across a range of industries, our merger and acquisition advisory professionals offer our clients a full range of merger and acquisition and financial advisory services. BGM’s experienced professionals provide tactical guidance during every phase of the transaction process, including analyzing strategic liquidity alternatives, assessing value, marketing the deal, and negotiating favorable terms for a successful closing. We understand the intricacies of our clients’ issues, capital structures, and strategies and provide the exceptional insight and independence necessary to render objective opinions.

BGM helps companies successfully close deals and provides buyers and sellers with the information needed to make educated decisions during the transaction process. Our team ensures that every aspect of the deal is examined and risk is analyzed thoroughly. We provide pre- and post-acquisition advisory services and both buy-side and sell-side due diligence that covers the quality of earnings, tax, and strategic and operational analysis.

Buy-Side Due Diligence

  • Execute Buy-side Due Diligence
  • Perform Tax Advisory Structuring of Deals
  • Perform Business Valuation
  • Recognize internal control issues with systems and personnel
  • Evaluate the quality of working capital and recent trends
  • Assess the target’s earnings and cash-flow quality
  • Analyze the quality of assets and liabilities being acquired or assumed
  • Post-Deal Reviews & Post-Acquisition Calculations
  • Provide Analysis on the Target Company’s Financial Projections
  • Divestitures and Carve-outs
  • Review Purchase Agreement
  • Quality of Earnings Report

Sell-Side Due Diligence

  • Seller-side preparation and positioning for sale
  • Perform Tax Advisory Structuring of Deals
  • Access to multiple databases to help position company
  • Assess the target’s quality of earnings and cash-flow quality
  • Post deal reviews
  • Quality of Earnings Report

BGM offers a complimentary initial consultation. Contact Dane J. Boeckermann, CPA, Principal and President, at (952)-844-2593 or djboeckermann@bgm-cpa.com to schedule a mutually convenient meeting.

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