Why Choose Outsourced Accounting Services for Your Small Business?

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Outsourced Accounting Services

Over the years, the use of outsourced accounting services by small business owners has increased, as companies and business owners have realized the many benefits it provides.

There are many benefits that come with making the decision to outsource your accounting services. One of the biggest reasons starts with the technology. With the advancements in technology and software solutions, it has made it possible for outsourcing controllers and bookkeepers to gather a company’s data with internet and cloud-based software. This makes it possible for all work to be done remotely, without ever having to step foot inside a company’s office building.

Other important reasons directly benefit the company when they make the switch to outsourcing their accounting needs. Things such as:

    • Accounting functions are performed more efficiently.
    • Access to more accounting resources.
    • Assistance with developing accounting processes and procedures.
    • Analysis of month over month financial statements are performed by the outsourcing team and reported back to you.
    • Employees that were previously responsible for accounting tasks, can now be freed up to handle other priorities.
    • A huge cost savings when no longer paying workers compensation insurance or paying out employee benefits.
    • Research has shown that outsourcing accounting services can reduce operating costs by 12%.

The use of outsourced accounting services can also lower your company’s risk of fraud. With outsourced accountings well-designed separation of duties for approvals, paying bills, and reconciliations, we can create the processes, procedures, and internal controls that most companies cannot do on their own. When you make the decision to outsource your accounting needs, you have the peace of mind knowing that your financials are clean and that your books are being done consistently, reviewed monthly, and that your outsourced accounting services team is hard at work to get you set-up for year-end planning

The reason that you – small business owners – made the decision to start your company was not to do pay bills and brunch numbers. You want to put your energy into growing your business and using your valuable time to focus on sales and operations. When you make the decision to outsource your accounting, it gives you back your most precious commodity – time.

To learn more about the Outsourced Accounting Service offered at Boeckermann Grafstrom & Mayer or to schedule a complimentary consultation, please visit our Outsourced Accounting Services webpage or contact Cory Parnell, Principal, at [email protected] or 651-227-9431.

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