Send Sensitive Information Through BGM’s Secure Portals, Not in Email or Text Message

Cory Parnell, CPA | Principal and Chief Executive Officer | Boeckermann Grafstrom & Mayer

Don’t Send Information in Email or Text Message

Email and text messages are the most common communication in today’s digital world, which we use for personal and business. While sending sensitive data by email or text message is convenient, it is unsafe from a security standpoint. First, email by default is not, and never was, intended to be a secure mechanism for sending sensitive data. Although you need credentials to log in and access the email in your mailbox, email is, by default, sent from server to server in clear text that anyone can read while in transit.

Finally, text messages are encrypted while in the air. Even though it is extremely unlikely that a single text message would be read, the capability does exist for the unwanted to read it; therefore, we recommend not sending sensitive data via text message.

Examples of information you should never send via email or text message include:

  • Social Security number
  • Driver’s license number
  • Federal or State issued ID numbers
  • Federal or State forms
  • Any bank/financial statements or account numbers
  • Credit/debit card statements or numbers
  • Health information
  • Personal information
  • Business Information
  • Payroll information
  • 1099 Information

Securing sensitive data is a top priority for Boeckermann Grafstrom & Mayer (BGM), and we recognize that receiving or sending sensitive data by email has significant risk. Therefore, we have used two software platforms, Suralink and SafeSend Returns, to receive and/or send sensitive data. The following is a recap of how both solutions work and what they do.

Suralink for Business Clients

We use a robust portal system for our business clients called Suralink, which allows us to communicate and exchange data with clients. Due to its many features and capabilities, Suralink is a portal on steroids. Below are the key features of Suralink:

  • Easy access to your account
  • Secured Web-based system
  • Ability to drag and drop documents or upload documents
  • Organizes and automates requests
  • Share and upload files with the date completed
  • Track the progress of specific items or tasks
  • Invite other team members to have access to a particular folder
  • Live support for users
  • Tutorial for users

SafeSend Suite of Products for Individual and Business Clients

BGM uses the SafeSend suite of products to communicate and exchange data with our business and individual clients.

  • SafeSend Returns offers our clients an easy way to securely review, view, and sign their tax returns from their computer, tablet, or mobile devices.
  • SafeSend Organizers offers our clients an easy way to sign their engagement letter, complete interactive questionnaires, and upload their tax documentation via a secure site.
  •  provides our clients with a secure way to review, view, and sign important documents digitally from anywhere they have internet access.

Below are some of the features that our clients get to enjoy:

  • Engagement letters and any other legal documents with electronic signatures
  • Interactive individual client organizers
  • Assembly, delivery, e-signatures, and 7-year storage of all tax returns processes via SafeSend

BGM appreciates all the support from our clients and staff in using Suralink and SafeSend. The positive feedback that we have received from users has been overwhelming. We feel that Suralink and SafeSend offer the safest and most secure way to obtain sensitive client data and much-improved communication with clients.

If you have questions about Suralink or SafeSend Returns, please contact your dedicated BGM professional. You can also watch quick informational videos about how each of these options works:

Watch this informational video to learn how to use Suralink.

Watch this informational video to learn about the SafeSend Returns Experience.

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